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Bassoon or Cello, Viola or Double Bass each individual instrument requires a comfortable, ergonomic playing position that is suited to the musicians needs. The  chair was designed by Jim Condos, over ten years ago with a distinctive goal in mind. “I wanted to create one chair that would meet so many needs for so many musicians.”

音乐家们在演奏低音管或者大提琴,中提琴或者低音提琴这些个性独特的乐器时,都对演奏时座椅的舒适度、是否符合人体工程学有很高需求。shuoda座椅由Jim Condos设计,10多年前他就有着明确的目标。“我想要开发一种满足众多音乐家的多种需求的椅子。”

Sought after by the world’s finest orchestras, theatres, learning institutions and military bands the Tempo chair performs throughout Australia, Europe, Asia and America. With credentials such as the Sydney Opera House and the Victorian Arts Centre, tempo is the world’s choice for ergonomic musician seating.






“” the innovative Australian designed Musicians Chair from Tecno Furniture. An ergonomic chair designed with the professional musician in mind. Musicians throughout Australia are benefiting by using the Tempo Musicians chair, designed by Jim Condos manufactured by Tecno Furniture.

“It was challenging and important to produce one chair to meet so many needs”.

来自Tecno家具的“”,是由最富有创新精神的澳洲人设计的音乐家座椅,一张符合人体构造工程学的座椅。澳洲各地的音乐家通过使用由Jim Condos设计、Tecon家具生产的而纷纷获益。


永清县硕达舞台设备有限公司In 1992 the need for an ergonomic height adjustable chair appropriate to the playing of orchestral instruments, and also visually acceptable for the 20 year refurbishment of the Sydney Opera House, was seen at the start of this project as an opportunity to address the very serious postural/health problems now known to be commonly suffered by musicians.

1992年, 考虑到当今很多音乐家在演奏时被困扰的姿势和健康问题, 交响乐团对符合人体工程学的可调节高度的演奏座椅有着迫切的需求,同时在视觉上也要搭配悉尼歌剧院20年内不断翻修的效果,我们感觉到了开始研究这个项目的契机。

Also to launch a new multi-application Australian made product as an attractive and correct solution. The result is a fully adjustable ergonomic chair, suiting a wide variety of instruments and seating positions. This is achieved by the seat height adjustments and back support movements, and is also stackable due to the absence of a centrally located pedestal leg.


Orchestral players suffer frequently from spinal and upper limb discomfort which may interfere with playing or even disrupt professional careers. In one survey of a U.K. orchestra (Gordon & Asgburner, 1993), 86% of the musicians who responded believed that poor seating was the cause of backache, neck and shoulder pain.

交响乐团演员频繁受到脊柱和上肢不舒服的困扰,这些都可能影响他们的演奏,甚至毁掉他们的职业生涯。一份来自英国皇家交响乐团的调查报告显示(Gordon & Asgburner,1993年),86%的音乐演奏人员回应认为恶劣的座位是造成腰背、颈肩疼痛的主要原因。

The design brief was handed over to Jim Condos of Tecno Furniture。 Discussions on the postural and stage management factors began with Simon Hamilton (Human resources ABC Sydney) and Ed Fardell (Technical Director Sydney Opera House)。

设计的概要交给了Tecno家具的Jim Condos。在坐姿和舞台剧务的因素方面开始和Simon Hamilton(人力资源悉尼)和Ed Fardell(悉尼歌剧院技术总监)一起讨论。

This led to more detailed research material obtained from the members of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra (through discussion, questionnaire and prototype assessment). After 2 years of research and development the TEMPO Musicians chair met the requirements of the players and stage technicians. “The effort put into the design work and consultation with the orchestra members has certainly paid off and the whole exercise has been an unqualified success.” (Ed Fardell S.O.H.)

通过从悉尼交响乐团和澳大利亚歌剧和芭蕾舞团所得到的信息(通过讨论、问卷调查和原型评估)。我们得到了更多的细节。经过两年的产品研究与开发,shuoda音乐家座椅满足了演奏者和舞台技师们的需求。“投入设计工作和与交响乐团成员的磋商的努力已经得到相当的回报,是一次全面的成功。”(悉尼歌剧院技术总监 Ed Fardell)





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